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Adwords or Paid Marketing Campaigns

Adwords or Paid Marketing Campaigns should be thought of as a completely separate area to SEO, unfortunately they are often bunched under the same umbrella. Adwords can be an expensive venture if not thought about carefully. If you have not gone through a process of identifying keywords and keyphrases on your website it is highly likely that you are not ready to use adwords.

For example, as a web designer I could spend a fortune paying to appear at the top of the Adwords page for “Web Design”. Unfortunately this phrase could generate a lot of unrelated queries. People interested in learning web design is likely to be the biggest alternative sector. If I change the phrase to “website design company” or “web designer in Southampton” I am likely to cut out the unrelated searches.

I hope this highlights how you need to think about what phrases to use when creating an Adwords campaign. Another thing to bear in mind is where you would want your visitors to end up after your page is displayed on the search results. Is your homepage the best solution or should it go to one of your top level sub pages, or possibly should you have a custom landing page created for each specific campaign? The choice is yours of course. Depending on budget I would at the very least have it directed to one of your top level sub pages but preferably have a custom landing page that you can then independently track traffic on.

This is just one area to think of, there are many more that are just as useful. If you are thinking of investing in Adwords feel free to contact us and we can discuss possible options that would suit your business.

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