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How to start a HTML ordered list with a number other than One

If you need to start an ordered list with a value other than 1 it is really quite simple. Here is an example starting at 3

  1. This is number 3
  2. This is number 4
  3. This is number 5

So how is this done, lets take a look at the code:

<ol start="3">
    <li>This is number 3 </li>
    <li>This is number 4 </li>
    <li>This is number 5 </li>

This isn’t only possible with the default “decimal” value but any of the possible list-style-type values. The best way to set it is via the css value for a given list. For a full list of ol types check out the w3school.com page. Here are some examples and the necessary code:

Lower Case Alpha

  1. This is letter c
  2. This is letter d
  3. This is letter e

<ol style="list-style-type:lower-alpha;" start="3">
    <li>This is letter c </li>
    <li>This is letter d </li>
    <li>This is letter e </li>

Upper Case Roman
  1. This is roman number III
  2. This is roman number IV
  3. This is roman number V

<ol style="list-style-type:upper-roman;" start="3">
    <li>This is roman number III </li>
    <li>This is roman number IV </li>
    <li>This is roman number V </li>

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