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Using built in function with php

You will probably be using built in functions without even noticing you are using them when you start your “learning to program journey”. Probably the most simple one is echo, here is an example:


$yourName = “Bob”;

// will output “hello bob”

echo “hello ” . $yourName;


But lets take it a bit further for this blog, to show it in a simple script. Say you want to randomise the background image on a webpage. Start of by setting up your images with a progressive name and store them in the same folder:

Then you can use the following simple script to dynamically set which image will appear.

The php:


$myRandNum = rand(1, 5);


The css:


#header{background-image: url('images/myImage-<?php echo $myRandNum ?>.jpg') no-repeat;}


rand() is a built in function in php and selects a random number between the two stated parameters, in this case it would be 1 and 5. For more info on this function you can check out the php manual http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.rand.php

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