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Photoshop Blogs

Install Brushes - Photoshop
Installing new brushes in Photoshop is very easy. Simply follow these steps to install your brush set.
Batch Process on Gimp
If you have a set of images that you need to perform manipulation on the quickes way is by using a batch processing application.
How to create a Brush in gimp
Creating new brushes in Gimp is very easy. Simply follow these steps to create your custom brush.
Gimp 2.8: Install brushes
Installing new brushes in Gimp is very easy. Once you find a set of brushes you wish to install simply follow these steps and you will be up and running within a couple of minutes.
Using Glow Brushes - Simple Design with Gimp
This show 3 different yet simple images created using glow brushes. It really helps show how powerful and effective brush sets are in GIMP. None of these images took more than 5 minutes to create and most of that time was taken experimenting with different size of brush.
Red Hot Heat Effect in Gimp
This blog explains how to apply a nice Red Hot Heat effect to an image using GIMP software
Using Layers in Gimp
In this blog I combine 2 images together to make a final image. There are lots of methods to do this, in this blog I will use one image as a frame for the other image.
Photoshop Layer masks
The term Layer Mask is a bit confusing when in reality it paints a hole in a selected portion of an image. In other words the mask is an area of transparency.
Photoshop Layer blending
Layer blend modes provide us with different ways for a layer to interact with, or "blend" with, the layer or layers below it.
Photoshop Layer montage
A montage in Photoshop is simply pulling together a number of images. Initially, I tried using images of the Team GB olympians. Although quite topical, this proved rather dull and couldn’t compete with some of the creations that photoshoppers do!!!
Photoshop Quick selection tool
When working with layers you often need to select portions of an image that you want to copy to a separate layer. This blog introduces the quick selection tool. This is available in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
Photoshop The layers panel
The implementation of layers is basically the same in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. In this section I will show how the Layers Panel is selected and highlight some of the features.
Photoshop Layer basics
One early advance in teaching was the use of acetate sheets together with an overhead projector. It was possible to build up a model by gradually laying down a number of sheets. This is similar to layers in photoshop with those at the top taking precedence over those layers below.
Photoshop Unsharp Mask
Sharpening your image should be the last adjustment before saving your image. Unsharp mask is the simplest way to sharpen an image.
Photoshop Shadows Highlights
Shadows and Highlights is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. As the name implies it provides reasonable control over the different areas of an image.
Photoshop Curves
Levels allow you to set Black and White points in an image. The addition of Curves allow you to play with a range of tones to give contrast to an image. Curves is often overlooked in digital manipulation because on face value it looks a bit complicated.
Photoshop Levels
The ‘Levels’ adjustment allows you to set/alter the black point and the white point of an image. It also allows control over the mid points of an image.
Photoshop Crop and Straighten
This is the first tool that I use. I crop the image to produce the required composition and remove unwanted areas.
Using Adobe Bridge
Adobe Bridge is an integral part of Photoshop and provides an easy way to organise your digital images. It provides a good range of filters e.g. ratings, keywords, lens, iso settings. Also important metadata for a selected image. The use of 'Collections' allows you to pull together a number of images that you can then work on.
Adobe Camera Raw
Adobe Camera Raw to process any image that has been captured by a digital camera. In this blog I will explain how to use the ‘sliders’ to manipulate the image.
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