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Copyright is a very important area. Given the nature of the web people often mistakenly think that if it's on the web they are free to copy it or at least reuse it on their site.

When people do think of copyright most will probably think of images in the first instance. There are three distinct options available to you:

  • There are a number of sites that offer free images but you are taking the uploader's word that the material is indeed free to use
  • Use a paid site to secure images for your site. This can be relatively inexpensive for the peace of mind it can offer
  • Create your own images, as long as you pay attention to lighting it is relatively easy to create your own photos or artwork

The text or copy of a website can also be copyright. The last thing you want is to spend time creating unique informative content then find that a competitor has copied it all and is using it to compete with you! Again there are three real options available to you:

  • See if any publicly domain industry specific text is available to you, possibly through a professional body. This is the worst option if you want the your site to do well with search engines as they actually penalise you for not having unique content on your site
  • Pay someone else to write the content for your site. The hardest part about this is to find someone who has the experience about your business sector who is also a good writer. If you know someone though this could be a very convenient solution
  • As with the images, write it yourself. This can be a little daunting, but is good practice as it really clears your mind and allows you to focus on exactly what it is you are planning on offering. After all if you can put it down in words when you have time to think about it, it will help you to effectively communicate with your customers about how you are superior to your competitors

If anyone feels anything on this website is copyright to them, please contact me with your proof of ownership or with reference to its true copyright status and I will immediately remove said content from the site, or amend the copyright statement attached to it.

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