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e-Learning material

With more than 40 years experience working in higher education, 20+ of that developing interactive web based e-Learning material, our team has the knowledge to help you achieve your objectives. Whatever your budget we can work together to get the best solution for you.

e-Learning vs Face2Face?

Time away from desk

Some people find it hard to justify being away from their desk, especially for the period of a training course. If they can keep up to date with their responsibilities and fit in training as their workload allows it can lead to much greater profitability for the organisation.

Traveling costs

If your organisation is spread over multiple locations, and your don't have sufficient candidates in each location to warrant training at each location, or there is insufficient space or facilities at each location to offer the training, employees will need to travel to the site of the training. This can end up being a significant cost which could easily be avoided via well crafted e-Learning material.

No minimum or maximum group size

Once the material has been developed it can be deployed to one or one thousand people at the same time. Face to face training normally has minimum and maximum class sizes. In this case employees may have to wait an undesirable amount of time before a space becomes available.

Ease of deployment

Depending on the type of learning material you plan to develop it can be easily deployed either through the web/intranet or offline via CD, DVD or USB drive. This gives tremendous flexibility that face to face training just can't match.

Consistency of training

An employee's experience of group training can be greatly affected by other participants on the course. If they are struggling to keep up with the content but everyone else is flying through it, a lot of people are unlikely to ask for more help as they won't want to appear slower than everyone else. As a result they are unlikely to gain much benefit from that point on in the course.

With computer based learning material the employee is free to work through the material at their own pace. They can also be guided to further reading or material to help them gain deeper knowledge if they are struggling with a certain topic.

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