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Why try to create a site yourself, when so much depends on it?

Unless your mother is a fashion designer would you really want to be seen out in clothes she has made for you. If you're lucky they may be good quality and may even fit well, but are they really fashionable?

We have all been to websites for companies that make us wince. Here are some tell tale signs that they have decided to create their own site:

  • The Company name is normally Comic Sans font, if not the whole site.
  • There are also a couple of poorly thought out images.
  • The main page navigation does not match nor look like anything else on the rest of the site, normally a horizontal drop down system.

The web makes it fairly easy to put content out in the public domain. The questions a lot of people do not ask are first, should I be sharing this with the world and second does this follow the branding I want for my company?

There is nothing wrong with people wanting to design their own sites, we are just highlighting some common elements that may make your potential customers think twice about choosing you over a competitor with a professionally designed site. After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression.

Over designed but under delivers

It is easy to go the other way. Too much design can distract the user from the goal of the site. Your site's primary objective isn't the flashing image that everyone thinks looks great but is to inform a potential customer of the services you offer, how to find you or how much your products or services cost.

There is more to website creation than an eye catching design

A site may have the necessary eye catching design, but if not coded correctly will fail in other areas. Search engines for instance look at your site in a very different way. In one aspect you could imagine a search engine as a visually impaired user. your images and colours are to all extent useless. What really matters to them is:

The content, or quality of content - They are interested in unique and informative information. This is where some D.I.Y. site creation packages that offer industry-specific content free with their package are actually doing you a disservice, because most search engines will actually penalise you for just regurgitating other creators content.

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