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The Design Process

The design process we follow will vary depending on your exact requirements. However, it is best to try to follow a generic design process to give the best experience and make sure nothing is overlooked.

For a general outline of the process we follow please see the stages outlined below:

Scoping requirements

  • Most importantly we need to find out what you are hoping to achieve. This will involve discussing what you want to achieve together with suggestions from us to help you tailor your requirements
  • Next we need to assess what assets you can provide
    • Logo’s, corporate colour schemes, existing text and images, etc.

Implementation process

  • Wire frames
  • Colour ways
  • Design level
  • Flesh out design into a working example. This will be the last chance for you to make structural changes to the design before the content is added

Final sign off

  • Next we can put the content into the approved design
  • Upload to the site
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