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Search engine optimisation

Search engines design their crawlers to look for unique, meaningful content. Therefore, the higher the quality of the content on your site the greater the priority you will be given. If you try to manipulate this in an obvious attempt to fool the search engine your site is likely to be punished.

There are some techniques though that will not only improve your appeal to search engines but will also make your content better for your website's intended audience.

  • Make sure you use keywords in your headers - Your H1, H2 tags should hopefully include at least one of your prefered keyword. If not, it is just another wasted opportunity
  • Give emphasis to keywords when used within the body of your material
  • Use keywords in your link text - Wrapping your link with a keyword optimised description of the page they are linking to will be much more beneficial than simply adding a “click here” or “more...” link text
  • Make sure to supply appropriate, unique meta data - Try to make sure each page at least has unique meta data. Quite often designers forget these elements as they are not seen and becomes an easy area to overlook
  • Use appropriate keywords in the title of your page - Don’t just repeat your company name in every title tag. This is a section of the page that search engines give great weight to, so correctly worded title tags are a quick way to enhance your site
  • Use properly formatted lists instead of newline formatted content
  • Build a sitemap to show page relationships and linkages
  • Treat your images properly - Make sure you add 'alt' tags for users who may not have access to images. If you can add some keywords to the title tag, it will help to improve the rating of your images
  • DO NOT repeat the same content in multiple locations - Search engines are looking for unique content, if they feel it has been duplicated or copied this will have a detrimental effect on your page ranking
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